Dorr Township Library

May 9th Agenda

Dorr Township Library Board of Trustee Meeting

May 9th, 2016 6:30pm


Call to Order

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda (motion to approve)

Approval of the Minutes (motion to approve)

Treasurer’s Report (motion to approve)

 - credit card statement: $ 2462.50

Public Comment:

Director’s Report

- Programs: See newsletter - new newsletter is out through the beginning of June 2016,  increased advertising, working on summer reading, Binge Boxes are in circulation, book & movie bags are coming soon. 

- Publicity: Facebook up to 992  -  library website, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr

- Meetings, workshops, etc.: LLC Board meeting and Advisory meeting,  Emerging Leaders, Leadership Academy, PLA conference in April

- Building: addition - looking for additional funding possibilities 

- Library Closures: Holidays, weather

- Volunteers: Teen group, additional volunteers are helping cover books, shelve, straighten shelves, etc. 

- Lakeland, State and other library news, E magazines are live through Overdrive

- Patron comments/suggestions: continuing and being filled

- Other:  Statistics (April 2016=2876 -  vs. April 2015=3278 ),  Rural Libraries Conference - Nicole, Karen, Natalie all speakers, speaker for PLA conference in April 

Trustee Update:

- Township Board Meeting - 

Committee Reports: Personnel - 

Old Business: Gale Courses,, Carpet replacement plan, Hoops for Helen update

New Business:  Self Defense class, Reece Announcement 


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A to Z database
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Michigan Adventure Pass

Updated FOIA Information

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