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Cell phone use policy: 

Many people visit the library expecting to find a quiet place to read or study.  Although the Dorr Township Library does not encourage the use of cell phones in the building, we do understand that there are times when it may be necessary.  During these times we ask that staff follow the guidelines below:

Please put your phone on vibrate or silence when in the library;
Limit your calls to brief, quiet conversations;
Do not use your phone in quiet study areas;
Do not use your phone at public service desks or during library programs (except when taking photos of programs);
When possible, make and take all calls outside the building or in the break room.

Library staff with cell phone usage that violates our behavior policy on disturbances, creating a disturbance by making noise, talking loudly or engaging in other disruptive conduct, may be written up and have a note in their record.

Absenteeism and Lateness policy 

We have instituted a points system for lateness and absenteeism.  Please refer to the following for information on the point system and how it works: 

The point system is based upon the progressive past 12 calendar months. Any employee who accumulates 24 or more points in a 12 calendar month period under this system will be discharged.  On the first day of each calendar month, points accumulated during that same month one year prior will be removed from the employee’s record for purposes of this policy.

If your absence is due to illness or injury, you may be required to provide a doctor’s report supporting the necessity of your absence, as well as your ability to return to your work, within 15 calendar days after the absence or tardiness.  If your absence is the result of personal emergency other than illness or injury, documentation supporting your absence may be required.

Absences from work will accumulate points in the following manner:

No Points

    1.    Off work due to a work-related injury with medical verification that the employee is unable to work.

    2.    Off work due to jury duty, military leave, medical leave, FMLA leave, lack of work, subpoenas, or any other absence expressly authorized by the Dorr Township Library, the terms of Dorr Township Library policy, or the law.

    3.    Off work because of adverse weather conditions resulting in the closing of schools and/or roads in this or the surrounding counties by the local authorities.

    4.    Off work due to an accident in which you are involved coming to work and which you can verify through police records or other satisfactory evidence.  Car trouble is not excused.

One-half (1/2) Point

    1.    Leaving work early because of a proven emergency.

One (1) Point

    1.    Late to work by 18 minutes or less for any reason not excused above.

    2.    Leaving work two hours or less before the end of your scheduled work time for any reason not excused above after notifying your supervisor (Natalie/Karen).

Two (2) Points

    1.    Late to work by more than 18 minutes for any reason not excused above.

    2.    Leaving work more than two hours before the end of your scheduled workweek for any reason not excused above after notifying your supervisor (Natalie/Karen).

Three (3) Points

    1.     Absence for any reason not excused above with proper call-in.

Twelve (12) Points

    1.     Absence for any reason not excused above without proper call-in.

The accumulation of the following number of points will result in the following action being taken by the Dorr Township Library:

    •    12 Points:  A written notice that the employee has accumulated 12 or more points.

    •    16 Points:  A written warning to the employee.

    •    20 Points:  A final written warning to the employee.

    •    24 Points:  The employee will be discharged.


Employee is late on one occasion by 30 minutes, leaves work 1 hour early on another occasion, and has three properly reported absences that are not excused.

2 points + 1 point + 9 points = 12 points = Written Notice

The Dorr Township Library will not notify the employees that through the passage of time they have lost points.  However, each time an employee accumulates enough points to trigger a notice or warning, the employee will receive such notice or warning.  For example, if an employee accumulates 12 points and receives a written notice of such points and then subsequently drops, through the passage of time, to 10 points, the employee will be reissued a written notice again upon the re-accumulation of 12 points.  

The Dorr Township Library also reserves the right to impose discipline, up to and including discharge, for excessive excused absences or tardiness.

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