Dorr Township Library

August 10th Agenda

Dorr Township Library Board of Trustee Meeting

August 10, 2015 6:30pm



Call to Order

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda (motion to approve)

Approval of the Minutes (motion to approve)

Treasurer’s Report (motion to approve)

 - credit card statement: $1669.03 , 1757.52 

Public Comment:

Director’s Report

- Programs: See newsletter

- Publicity: Facebook up to 790 -  library website, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, online summer reading live, online survey live through end of the month

- Meetings, workshops, etc.: LLC Board meeting and Advisory meeting

- Building: 

- Library Closures: Holidays

- Volunteers: Teen group, additional volunteers are helping cover books, shelve, straighten shelves, etc. 

- Lakeland, State and other library news: New website live August 14th

- Patron comments/suggestions: continuing 

- Other:  Statistics, book donations, Library of Michigan, Staff Appreciation Day

Trustee Update:

- Township Board Meeting -

Committee Reports: Personnel

Old Business: 

New Business: Ed/Training, Computers, people counter