Dorr Township Library

Library Board Trustee Discription

Library Trustee Description

Summary:  Dorr Township Library trustees are entrusted to manage library funds and support the librarian for the benefit of the library.  Trustees serve as a link with Dorr residents and collaborate with the librarian to develop ways to best serve the local community.

Trustee Responsibilities Include:

●     Financial management.

●     Hiring and regularly evaluating the library director.

●     Long range planning, in cooperation with the librarian.

●     Setting library policy, in cooperation with the librarian.

●     Creating by-laws.

●     Promoting library use.

●     Fundraising.


Primary Duties Are:

●     Prepare for, attend and participate in monthly board meetings.

●     Follow up on tasks promised.

●     Maintain library documents pertaining to the board such as:
       policies and procedures, meeting minutes and long range library plans.

●     Regularly evaluate the librarians performance in writing.

●     Be familiar with state and federal laws relating to managing the library, such as:  
       those relating to employment, operating a public library building, etc.

●     Monitor and evaluate the library's overall effectiveness.

●     Support library services and participate in library programs.

●     Advocate for library support in the community and statewide.

●     Develop and implement fundraising strategies for the library and ensure that the library's annual fundraising goals are met.

●     Learn as much as possible about issues affecting library services.