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Dorr Township Library


Gift/Donation/Memorial Acceptance Policy

  • Dorr Library accepts material and monetary gifts as well as certain gift materials that reflect the Library’s strategic plan. Gifts must be unconditional and non-returnable to be used for the good of the Library. Gifts of money are acknowledged formally by the Dorr Township Library Director.
  • Gifts for the Collection
  • Gift materials to be added to the Dorr Township Library collection must meet the Library's needs and the general standards of selection, and be based on the Dorr Township Library Materials Selection Policy. Any large donations of materials which would comprise a unique or coherent collection would be subject to restrictions as determined by the Dorr Township Library Board. 
  • Gift materials not accepted into the Library collection may be disposed of at the staff's discretion. Gift materials accepted into the collection may be disposed of without notification to the donor. No monetary appraisal is made of materials donated for the collection. The quantity of gift materials may be acknowledged for tax purposes at the request of the donor.
  • Gifts of money, including memorial gifts, for the purchase of collection materials are accepted by the Library with the understanding that the Library retains the right to select materials it deems appropriate for the collection.
  • Dorr Township library will not accept materials that show signs of damage, are moldy, are infested or in other ways unsuitable for distribution to the public if they are entered into our catalog or book sale. 
  • Other Gifts
  • Gifts other than collection materials are reported at their estimated fair market value at the time of donation and recorded according to Dorr Township Library’s policies.


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