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April 8th Minutes

Dorr Township Library

Board of Trustees

April 8, 2013


Meeting was called to order by Patty Moore at 6:30pm

Members Present: Pat Moore, Tara Reece, Ken Huizinga, Peggy Otto, Sarah Stanton, Louis Harnish, Director Suanne Wierenga

Approval of Agenda: Reece motioned to approve agenda, seconded by Otto,; all approved-motion carried

Approval of Minutes: Reece motioned to approve the minutes; Stanton  seconded motion; all approved-motion carried

Secretary’s report: Otto motioned to approve the secretary‘s report; seconded by Stanton: all approved-motion carried

Treasurer’s report: The rollover from 2012 budget of  6,000 is to be put in savings. We also have a carry over of 16,837.69. Discussion of possible raises for the staff. Lakeland’s budget approval  will be on 4/11/13. Suanne will be attending meeting. Stanton motioned to approve the treasurer‘s report, seconded by Huizinga: all approved-motion carried. Credit card balance of 725.77 contains purchases of 2 new scanners, new check, renewing subscriptions to direct deposit company and prizes for Adult Winter Reading.  Motion to approve credit card statement of 725.77 by Reese, seconded by Moore: all approved-motion carried.

Library Update

-Adult Winter Reading ended 3/23/13.  13 people participated. Prizes were book bag, blanket, 50 gift card, bookmarks for everyone

-Moles in lawn. Apparently we have a mole issue. We will entrust our Maintance man-Jeff Miling to take care of the matter.

-Bed Bugs. Bed Bugs were found in Marshall libraries donated books. Discussion to check on other libraries policies of donated books.

-Correspondence: None

-Grants: None

-Staff meetings: none

Trustee Update:

-Otto and Wierenga attended 3/21/13 budget meeting. A library report was presented by Otto, however due to negligence on the part of Township Clerk Brian Boot, announcements for the budget meeting  were not written correctly nor advertised for the required 2 week period.  Thus the  4/1/13 deadline of the township budget was not met. Dorr township continued to operate without a  current budget . Dorr Library had a budget in place and therefore legally could continue to operate the library. The budget meeting was held on Monday, April 8, 2013 at 5:00pm. Trustees were alerted of this meeting by e-mail -Harnish by letter, from Secretary Otto. Consensus was that all members of the library board would try to attend  the meeting.  Moore Huizinga, Reece, Wierenga, Stanton, Otto were in attendance. Township Board approved their budget and our 40,000 in approbation.

Trustee Opportunities and Committee reports

                DBA meeting  4/18/13 at 1pm at the library

                Township Board meeting, 4/18/13 at 7pm. Huizinga will attend.

Public Comment: None


-State Aid Application problem: Wierenga received a letter from Dept of Education rejecting our State Aid application due to not meeting the Support Staff Certification requirements for Karen Brower. Her Level IV certification expired on 5/24/09. However a follow-up letter on  4/3/13 indicated that Brower’s certification is at the level IV. It was renewed in May of 2009. Her level IV certification is permanent. 

-Shelving for Media. Cost is 70.00 a shelf for 5-10 shelves. A labor fee of 75.00 to install them. No estimate at this time.

Adjournment: Reece moved to adjourn and Huizinga seconded motion; all approved; meeting adjourned at 7:10pm

Next regular meeting: May 13, 2013 at 6:30pm at the Dorr Township Library

Respectfully submitted by Peggy E. Otto

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