Dorr Township Library

Where We Live

Information about Dorr Township, Allegan County and the state of Michigan
  • Then and Now Genealogical Library of Allegan County, Michigan
  • New to the area?

    Here you can find or Welcome packet for all new residents (or anyone who wants a convenient guide to area attractions, phone numbers, addresses and more).

  • Dorr Businesses

    Shop local. Learn more about our local businesses and if you are thinking about starting a business or want to volunteer for events put on by our local businesses: Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July, Christmas Event, and more!

  • Government Information

    Are you looking for information on the Gun Lake tribe, or our township, west Michigan or Michigan in general? Look here! You can also find information about voter registration and more here.

  • Travel and Local Events

    Keep up to date on the best local events Dorr has to offer!