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Dorr Township Library

How to get a library card

Information on who may get a card, how to apply, how to get a card if you are not a Dorr resident and card renewals.

Who may get a card?
Cards are free to children and adults who live in our service area. Our service area includes the township of Dorr. 

How to apply
If you are a Dorr Township resident, come into the library with an up-to-date Michigan Driver's License, Michigan ID Card, or Resident Alien Card that has your picture and your current street address. If you are unable to fulfill the previous requirement you may bring (for photo identification purposes) Military IDs, employment IDs, school IDs, out-of-state driver's licenses, or passports AND (for establishment of current street address) a voter registration card, recent utility bill, hospitalization record or bill, insurance card or automobile registration, printed check, or a recent local property tax bill. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who must meet the registration requirements listed above.
Report any Lost or Stolen Cards to 616-681-9678
Card Replacement cost is $1.00

Not from Dorr?
Patrons of the surrounding townships of Hopkins, Salem, Wayland, and Leighton can come in and using the same identification requirements above can be registered for library cards from their home library. Dorr Library and the other cards are valid at all Lakeland Library Cooperative Libraries. 

We currently do not issue non-resident cards. 

Renewing your card
Library cards expire every three years and must be renewed in person or over the phone. We will ask you to verify the address and phone and then extend the expiration date another 3 years. If you are a resident of another library in our cooperative we can extend your date for one year. Until your card is renewed, you will not be able to place a hold, check out an item or use our electronic resources. 

What do I get with my card?
Your card can be used at any of the 81 libraries in the Lakeland Library Cooperative. It also lets you use your card across the state in other public libraries that participate in "visiting patron checkout" through the Michigan e-Library or MeL. If you prefer to stay close to home, the card lets you place items on hold through both systems. You also have access to a number of e-services that we provide, such as Mango Languages, Gale Courses, RbDigital, Libby/Overdrive and more!