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August 12th Minutes

Dorr Township Library

Board of Trustees

August 12, 2013 6:30 P.M.


Meeting was called to order by Patty Moore at 6:32pm

Members Present:  Pat Moore, Peggy Otto, Ken Huizinga, Sarah Stanton, Tara Reece, Louis Harnish, Director: Suanne Wierenga

Audience: P. Sennecker, B. Schumacher, Att. Maureen Gottlieb, Att. Andrew Brege D. Wierenga,

P. Reese, M. Baker, J. Martin,   

Approval of Agenda: Stanton added to the agenda discussion on her resignation letter.Moore motioned to approve the agenda; Stanton seconded motion; all approved-motion carried

Secretary’s report: Motion to approve minutes by Moore; seconded by Otto: all approved-report


Treasurer’s report: Motion made to approve treasurer’s report by Stanton, seconded by Huizinga: all approved-motion carried. Motion made to approve credit card statement of 157.93 by Otto, seconded by Huizinga: all approved-motion carried.

Library Update

-Correspondence: Board received resignation of Director Suanne Wierenga; Extensive discussion of the library’s transition to a new director, compiling a job description and advertisement of job posting. 

Board is asking Suanne for advice on the qualification of a director. Suanne is planning to work 10 to 12 hours a week to help with transition to new director. Board suggested that the new director possess strong customer service and community awareness.

Board received letter of resignation of board trustee Sarah Stanton based on family needs.  

Grants: None

Staff Meeting: None

Trustee Update:

                -Township board meeting -8/15/13. Otto will attend.

Trustee Opportunities and Committee reports

                Personnel Committee report: Issues to be tabled until further notice

                DBA meeting 8/15/13 at 1pm at the library

                Public Comment: None

New Business

Presentation by Maureen A. Gottlieb on FOIA Policy: Basically Att. Gottlieb offered the library board information on what her law firm can provide. It specializes in municipality law which includes, FOIA, OMA and various other issues that confront local government. At this time the board decided that we will not retain Att. Gottlieb as our attorney however possibly in the future use her expertise in development of a library FOIA policy.

Policies for Public comment and Digital Media:

Policy for Public Comment: Reece made motion and Moore seconded to accept Public comment policy except for last sentence” any member of the public who does not respect these rules and the other people attending the meeting will be asked to leave the meeting. This sentence will be removed from policy

Digital Media Policy: Reese made motion to accept the Digital Media Policy as written. Huzinga accepted: all yes; motion approved.

Window Cleaning: Windows in library need washing inside and out. Wierenga had 2 quotes: one for 600.00 and another for 100.00. Board decided to table window cleaning until we have a new director.

Resignations: Moore made motion to accept Wierenga’s resignation as director of Dorr Library effective 8/20/13. Reese seconded-all yes- motion accepted

Reese made motion to accept board trustee Stanton’ resignation as board member of Dorr Library effective 8/30/13; Huizinga seconded-all yes-motion accepted

Adjournment: Reese moved to adjourn and Huizinga seconded: all approved; meeting adjourned at 7:55pm

Next regular meeting: September 9, 2013 at 6:30pm at the library.

Respectfully submitted by Peggy E. Otto

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