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November 11th Mintutes

Dorr Township Library

Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting

November 11, 2013


Meeting was called to order by President Patty Moore at 6:30pm

Members Present: Barbara Gibson, Ken Huizinga, Patty Moore, Peggy Otto, Tara Reece: Absent;

 Louis Harnish

Director: Natalie Bazan

Audience: J. Martin, P. Sennecker, B. Schumacher, S. Wycoff

Approval of Agenda: Reece made a motion to approve agenda; seconded by Huizinga; all yes

Motion carried

Secretary’s Report:

Regular Meeting, 10/14/13: Moore made motioned to accept 10/14/13 minutes: Gibson seconded; all yes; motion carried

Special Meeting, 10/19/13: Moore made a motion to accept 10/19/13 minutes with correction of Bazan’s name; Gibson seconded; all yes; motion carried.

Public Comment: B. Schumacher welcomed new Director Natalie Bazan to Dorr-Library board made an excellent choice in hiring her.

Treasurer’s Report: Concern in budget of book expenditures, we are at 57% of budget-target is 58%

Gibson made motion to accept Treasurer’s Report; Reece seconded; all yes; motion carried

Credit card statement: Amount is 126.40. Bazan needs a letter from board in order to switch name on account from Suanne to Bazan. Moore and Reece to sign paperwork. Suggestion by Reece to create an Amazon account in Dorr Library’s name. Motion was made to pay credit card bill of 126.40 by Huizinga

Seconded by Gibson; all yes; motion carried.


Halloween: Dorr had a library search. Bazan suggested that candy check be held at library for 2014

Toys for Tots: A bin for toys has been placed in the library’s lobby

You have been socked: Christmas program where a Christmas stocking is filled with goodies and given to a deserving friend-that person in turn fills it and gives it to another deserving friend-so forth. Board decided to participate in this program with 15 stockings filled with goodies and a book. Stockings are $5 apiece. DBA will pay for the stockings. It was mentioned to have Bazan help with ideas for Dorr’s Christmas Breakfast. “You have been socked” will begin on 11/30/13.

Community Events:

Chicago Trip:  One bus is filled, second is filling-up.

December Ornament making event: Patrons would make 2 ornaments

Winter Craft Market 12/7/13: Patrons can use a table to display and sell crafts. Room is filling-up

Publicity: Dorr Library is on Facebook with 122 likes. We have had very nice articles in the Globe as well are the Wayland Townbroadcast. Bazan is working on a new newsletter which will be published quarterly available on our website and emailed to anyone who would like to subscribe

Library will continue to submit programs to the Globe’s calendar

Meetings, workshops, etc.:

Advisory Meeting: issues discussed-new data bases; discussion on a disaster plan for Dorr Library-need to have this type of plan in place in order to apply for certain grants

Parks Commission Meeting: Bazan attended the meeting and discussed possible grants

Director Summit: a one day meeting with courses for directors and various speakers

Rural Library Conference: meets every 2 years, Bazan will attend a meeting on 12/9/13

Summer reading: Karen and Reilly will be attending the meeting and will present their science fair ideas.

p. 2 Dorr Library Board Minutes-11/11/13


Cataloging Training: Richard and Karen will attend and will write a manual on cataloging

Webinar for MeL databases: The Webinar will be updated


Furnace: Furnace had was not working. Godwin Plumbing fixed the problem. However, the boiler requires a yearly inspection.

Electrical problems. A ballast in the women’s bathroom needs to be replaced. Talk with Dan Weber or check township records concerning the electric in the building

Art Gallery: idea of putting up piping to use to hang-up pictures in the lobby.

Book Scale Room: a permanent book sale will be put in the right side small room in back of library

Library Closures: Discussion by the board to close the library on both Thanksgiving and on Friday. Bazan presented that a considerable number of libraries in the Lakeland Coop are closed on both Thursday and Friday. Staff reported that the traffic is very low on Friday. Discussion was, also, held on the pay scale for the days. Possibly consider paying holiday pay for both days. Gibson made motion to close the library on both Thanksgiving Day and Friday with Holiday pay for the staff that would normally work those two days; Reece seconded; all yes; motion carried

Volunteers: Bazan is looking into starting a Friend’s group. Unfortunately, previous Friend’s group had let the 501c3 expire so a new one would have to be applied for.

LakeLand, State, other library news: None

Patron Comments and suggestions:

The website’s book “showing” goes to fast to be read.

B. Schumacher: requests to look at 10 years of back library minutes

Discussion of keyboard for children’s computer

Revise the book donation policy

Trustee update: Otto attended the township board meeting on 10/17/13 It was uneventful

Trustee opportunities and committee reports

                Personnel committee report—Library Board hired a new director-Natalie Bazan who began

                Working on 10/29/13. Welcome to Dorr!!!

Old Business

Welcome New Director: We are very pleased to have Natalie as our new director.

Book Donation policy: It was brought to the board’s attention by B. Schumacher that our donation policy is very unusual and out dated.

Bazan will write a new policy but in the meantime we will accept any books except ones with mold or bed bugs. Reece motioned to accept donation of any kind of book except ones with mold or bed bugs until Bazan has a new policy in place; Gibson seconded motion; all yes; motion carried

Note: Tara left room at 7:40pm and returned at 7:45pm

Michael Frank: Bazan found an old Platt book as well as an old picture that was donated to the library by the Michael Frank Family.

FOIA Policy: Reece retyped the FOIA policy that was rewritten by Harnish. Bazan will be the FOIA Coordinator with Moore as a back-up. Moore made a motion to approve the FOIA Policy; Huizinga seconded the motion; all yes; motion carried

P.3 Dorr Library Board Minutes- 11/11/13 Meeting

Employee Personnel Manual Review: Needs a major reworking; Paid time off to be considered all PTO not specifying sick leave or vacation time off. Disciplinary policy-needs to be updated; state certification needs to be removed; “at will” employment-needs to be made very clear that “at will” is “at will” employment. Track the changes that will be made.

Website: None

Tech release Form: This form allows staff to help the patron with their electronic devise but releases the library from liability. Gibson made a motion to accept the “tech release form” Moore seconded the motion; all yes; motion carried.

New Signature Cards: Moore made a motion to approve new signature cards and letter to credit card company; Reece seconded the motion; all yes; motion carried

Updating library hours: Suggestion by Bazan to open every day at 10am instead of Monday and Thursday’s open at 12pm.

Replacing Computers: Library needs 10 computers to be updated with Microsoft office. The programs are available through Micro soup for 27-31 dollars per computer. This would take about 15 minutes to install on each computer. Discussion was held. Reece motioned to buy one program for Bazan’s computer; Gibson seconded the motion; all yes; motion carried

Adjournment: Moore made a motion to adjourn meeting at 8:13pm; Otto seconded; all yes; meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Peggy E. Otto


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