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October 7th Minutes

Dorr Township Library

Board of Trustees

Special Meeting

Monday, October 7, 2013


Meeting was called to order by President Patty Moore at 6:42pm

Members Present: Patty Moore, Ken Huizinga, Peggy Otto, Tara Reece, Louis Harnish

Audience: Jim Martin, Shelly Wycoft

Approval of Agenda: Tara suggested that we switch order of business to discussion of Board Trustee first and then discuss Board Director Search. Moore made a motion to switch to first discuss the Board Trustee search and then discuss the Library Director Search-Reece seconded the motion; all yes; motion was approved.

Public comment: None


Trustee Search: Will be as follows

1.       Huizinga will call and make sure all applicants will be attending 10/14/13 meeting

2.       Board will interview and hire a Board Trustee during the 10/14/13 meeting.

-set up an area for them to sit if they wish. It is optional for them to stay for decision or we will phone call the new member.

       3.    Overall plan is to hire on 10/14/13 then be sworn in on 10/16/13. Ready immediately to assume

                position of Dorr Library Trustee

Director Search

The original top five candidates from the 9/30/13 meeting were Bazan, Southwick, Craig, Golm, Kruper

With 2 alternates; Beare and Allen. Allen and Craig were not interested in job and were pulled from list.

Reece proceed to discuss the candidate’s job reference. Bazan’s references were a Hopkins library trustee and Hopkins Police officer. Briefly, Bazan is very professional, likeable, positive individual. A treasure to the community. Southwick’s references were Asst. Director from Hackely Public library and a librarian from Muskegon library. Briefly, good communication, cooperative. Age and experience should be valued.

Golm’s references Henika Library Director and Henika Library Board Trustee. Briefly. Her references were positive, lots of energy with a smile, goes to board meetings, a real gem. Kruper’s references were very open, no demanding from people, a great fit. Alternate Beare’s references were not very strong.

Top three candidates to be interviewed with the possibility of adding applicants if necessary are:

Natalie Bazan, Christina Golm, Teresa Kruper

Process of Interviewing

1.       Interviews will take place on 10/19/13 at the library from noon to about 2:30 p.m.

2.       Painting class is using room up to noon, Riley and Shelly are working front desk

3.       Board interviews first, then staff has opportunity to talk with them, tour of library

interview ending with another talk with Board.

4.       Karen and Richard were asked to join in the discussion with staff.

5.       This will be an open meeting

6.       Top 3 candidates will be given a packet containing, what the library offers, job description,

Dorr Library information paper, interview time.

7.       Refreshments will be on hand.

Board is to review interview information sheets.

Adjournment: Moore motion to adjourn at 7:58 Reece seconded-all approved meeting adjourned

Next Regular Meeting: 10/14/13 at 6:30pm at the library. Respectfully Submitted by Peggy E. Otto

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