Dorr Township Library

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September 30th Minutes

Dorr Township Library

Board of Trustees

Special Meeting

Monday, September 30, 2013


Meeting was called to order by Patty Moore at 6:31pm

Members Present: Pat Moore, Ken Huizinga, Peggy Otto, Tara Reece, Louis Harnish

Audience: 7 Guest: Shirley Bursema KDL Trustee --Welcome Shirley

Approval of Agenda:  Huizinga made a motion to accept the agenda-Reece seconded: all approved motion carried

Public comment: B. Schumacher commented on minutes of September 9th-concerning unethical disclosure of applications to unauthorized party. Moore stated that he should not take comments personally. It is the reason the board elicited an attorney. Board would consider changing wording.

FOIA Coordinator: Motion made by Reece to have Patty Moore act as FOIA Coordinator until new director is hired. Huizinga seconded –all approved: motion carried.

Director Search-letter to applicants: Courtesy letter to be e-mailed to all applicants regarding their applications have been subjected to a FOIA request. Tara would be e-mailing out the letter:

Otto motioned to send the courtesy letter to applicants: Huizinga seconded the motion: all approved: motion carried.

Presentation by Shirley Buursema from KDL.: Shirley gave a helpful presentation on the process of hiring a new director. She made mention that in her experience to FOIA an application has never been done.

Discussion of Director Search by Buursema

Step 1-E-mail all applicants a courtesy letter explaining that their personal applications had be the subject of a FOIA.

Step 2-Review all 18 applicants and select a top five-do this step quickly

Step 3 –Sent letters to rest of applicants

Step 4-Compare candidates from the top 5-will their style fit Dorr

Step 5-choose top 3 applicants

Step 6-check references of top 3 candidates-don’t limit to just the ones listed on their resumes-ask around.  Phone the reference-no writing or Skype.

Step 7-develop a good job description-hours- etc.

Interviewing- show the library, the community-make a packet of the highlights of the community.

-consider a travel budget for out of town applicants.

-Reese was excused from meeting from 7:40-7:50pm

Top Five applicants

Bazan, Southwick, Craig, Golm, Kruper

Discussion of Board of Trustee Applicants. Interviews will be held a special meeting on Monday, October 7, 2013 at 6:30pm. Huizinga will call applicants.

Adjournment: Moore made motion to adjourn meeting at 8:38pm Reece seconded; all approved; motion carried.

Next Regular meeting: 10/14/13 at 6:30pm at the library. Respectfully Submitted Peggy E. Otto  


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