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January 13 Minutes




Dorr Township Library

Date: ­­­­­­­­­January 13, 2014

6:30 P.M.


Meeting was called to order at 6:33pm by Pat Moore, President.

Role Call: Present- Pat Moore, Tara Reece, Ken Huizinga, Peggy Otto, Barbara Gibson Absent- Louis Harnish. Natalie Bazan, Library Director, was also present. Four visitors.

Approval of the Agenda: Otto amended the agenda to include a discussion of tree removal and the flag. Reece amended the agenda to include a discussion of the Director’s preliminary review. Bazan also removed the Gift Policy from the agenda as this was already addressed in the previous meeting. Moore motioned to approve the amended agenda; seconded by Huizinga. All yes, motioned carried.

Approval of the Minutes: Otto motioned to amend the Minutes to correct a typo in the name “Cysco”. Motioned to approve the amended December 2013 Minutes by Moore, seconded by Otto. All yes, motioned carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Otto motioned to receive and file the December Treasurer’s report, seconded by Huizinga. All yes, motioned carried.

Public Comment: Was heard.

Director’s Report: Bazan provided information about library programming and events during the preceding month and upcoming events. She also provided reports on meetings attended, library closures, Lakeland and Library of Michigan occurrences, and ongoing library functioning. Bazan also will be presenting at the Rural Libraries Conference.

Township Board Meeting: The next meeting is January 27, 2014. Otto will attend this meeting. Otto attended the previous meeting and provided information about library functioning.

Committee Reports: None.


  1. Bylaws: Review of Revised Dorr Township Library Board Bylaws was conducted. A few items were addressed to revise. This will be revised and presented again at the next meeting.
  1. Employee Personnel Manual: Board reviewed Revised Employee Personnel Manual.  Several areas for revision were identified. The Board will review at the next Board meeting.
  1. Art Wall Quote: Discussed bid for $300.00 to display art in the foyer. The consensus was to wait until March 2014 to determine if we have sufficient monies left to fund this project in the current fiscal year. Bazan will put it on the agenda for discussion in March 2014.


  1. Book Cart Quote: Penny Construction bid $150 to build a book cart for use at the exterior drop box that will allow the exterior drop box to be open during business hours. Huizinga motioned to approve this expenditure, Gibson seconded. All yes, motioned carried.
  1. Tree removal: Discussion to address trees that block view of sign. Otto motioned to allow Pastor Otto to remove the trees pro bono at his convenience provided that there are no liability issues, seconded by Moore. All yes, motioned carried.
  1. Flag: Otto offered to pursue a donation of a new flag and to integrate a ceremony to raise the new flag. Otto motioned to replace the flag, seconded by Gibson. All yes, motioned carried.
  1. Provisional Director’s Review: Reece discussed the need to do the 90-day review of Bazan as our new Director. This will be ongoing over the next month.

Public Comment: Public comment was heard.

Adjournment: Moore motioned, Gibson seconded to adjourn at 8:00pm. All yes.

Next regular meeting: February 10, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the library.

Submitted by Tara Cornelius Reece.

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