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June 9th Agenda

Dorr Township Library Board of Trustee Meeting

June 6, 2014 6:30pm


Call to Order

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda (motion to approve)

Approval of the Minutes (motion to approve)

Treasurer’s Report (motion to approve)

 - credit card statement: $1238.36

Public Comment:

Director’s Report

- Programs: : Disaster kits, Poland travelouge, teen game night, stash busters, Dorr garden club, soap making, teen book club, stuffed animal sleep over. Upcoming events: Beekeeping, Book Club, Tai Chi, Bleach t-shirts, learning about geodes, lotion making, oreo tectonics, teen game night, search for science, foraging class, farmer's market, koolaid dyed roving, cheese making, ice cream making, butter making, learn to knit day

- Publicity: Facebook, library website, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Joint table with Hopkins at the AESA Early Childhood Carnival (expecting about 1000 kids 0-5), Table at St. Mary's Literacy Night, SRC library tour with Sycamore Elementary, upcoming SRC tour with Dorr Elementary students, June-August newsletter 

- Meetings, workshops, etc.: LLC Board meeting and Advisory meeting,

- Building: Upholstered pin board and moving it to make room for the new art cabinet, 'Community Art Gallery' and 'Local Events' removable vinyl sign will be going up  

- Library Closures: None

- Volunteers: Teen group has helped with set up of tables and programs and with the new bulletin board, additional volunteers are helping cover books, shelve, straighten shelves, etc. 

- Lakeland, State and other library news: New websites rolling out soon, Lakeland is starting to look into what we will do when KDL pulls out of the shared catalog system

- Patron comments/suggestions: book and dvd suggestions are being processed, programming suggestions are beginning, many compliments on our new Book Sale Room & Craft supply exchange cabinet, many compliments on new programs

- Other:  

Trustee Update:

- Township Board Meeting -

Committee Reports: Personnel

Old Business: 

New Business: New Michigan Minimum Wage, copier lease option, screen repair, employee health care options, carpet square options, computer room 


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