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May 12 Minutes

Dorr Township Library

Board of Trustee Meeting

Regular Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2014 6:30pm

Meeting was called to order by President Patty Moore at 6:33pm

Roll call:  Present: Otto, Moore, Harnish, Huizinga Director Natalie Bazan Absent; Reece, Gibson

Approval of Agenda: Motion made to approve by Moore, seconded by Huizinga: all yes-motion carried

Approval of Minutes: Motion made to approve by Moore, seconded by Otto: all yes-motion carried

Approval of Treasurer’s report: Motion made to approve by Moore, seconded by Otto: all yes-motion carried

Approval of paying credit card statement: 771.42: Motion made by Moore, seconded by Huizinga-all yes-motion carried

Public Comment: None

Directory’s Report: Bazan reported about various programing-summer reading which will include adults, various clubs and website programs such as Mango languages and Antiques reference database

                Publicity: Plinkit will be changing-Dorr is in the first wave of libraries to use new program Encore

                Meetings: RLC, LLC Board meeting, ACLA meeting will be held at Dorr in July

                Library closures: Memorial Day weekend-May 24-26

                Volunteers: Teen group is doing various projects

                Lakeland: New Websites rolling out soon-looking into Zinio –a digital magazine subscriptions

                Patron Comments/suggestions: Books and DVD requests are being fulfilled

                Other: Audit is on going

Trustee update

                Otto attended Township board meeting on 4/28/14-uneventful. Bazan and Otto will attend

                May 27th township board meeting

                DBA: Otto and Bazan attend these meetings. Library going to participate in fundraiser for the

                Dorr fireworks.

Committee Reports: none

Old Business

Budget Amendments for 2013/2014 budget: Motion made to accept the amendments by Otto,seconded by Moore: all yes, motion carried

Staff Reviews and raises

Proposed town hall meeting at the library for October

Statistics of library-Collection of books -34,130: Checked out last year-41,986: Collection is valued at

Roughly 500,000 dollars: Added 2800 books so far this year

Review of Asst. Director, Dept. Head, & Senior Librarian wages: Asst. Director, Karen Brower, requested that she would like to meet in a closed session in accordance with the Open Meeting Act.

a.       Motion to Meet in Closed Session: Moore motioned that the Board meet in closed session under Section 8(a) of the Open Meetings Act, to consider the wage evaluations at the request of Asst. Director. Seconded by Otto. The vote to move to closed session was conducted in a roll call vote. Otto: yes; Huizinga: Yes; Moore: Yes; Harnish: yes in accordance with the Open Meetings Act, the Board moved to a closed session at 7:20pm.

b.      Motion to End Closed Session: At 7:26pm, Moore motioned to end the closed session, seconded by Otto. All yes to end closed session and return to open session

Motion to increase salaries of Asst. Director-19 years of service-current salary at 10.06 per hour to 10.50

Senior librarian-8 years of service-current salary at 7.50 per hour to 8.00 per hour: Dept. Head- 11 years of service –current salary at 7.50 per hour to 8.00 per hour made by Moore; Huizinga seconded: all yes-motion carried

Discussion of coffee maker-decided to get a new coffee maker-old one leaks

Motion to adjourn by Moore at 7:35; Otto seconded: all yes-motion carried

Respectfully submitted by Peggy E. Otto

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