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Dorr Township Library

Material Donations

The library encourages you to donate your used (or new) books, magazines, cd's and dvd's. We also accept craft supplies for our craft supply exchange room. Click here to read more about our donation acceptance and thank you!

So you've decided to donate to the library?  We are thrilled.  However... there are a few things to think about before you bring on those boxes of books.  

  • We will take all kinds of books (technical, college text books, kids books, fiction, non-fiction, etc) but please don't bring us books that have mold or bugs in them.  We don't want to spread mold or bugs to the other books.
  • We can not tell you that we will add your books to our collection.  With limited space we can't add everything.  But I can tell you that we will not throw your books away. If we don't add them to the collection they will either be: 
    • Sold in our book sale room to fund programs and additional books
    • Given away at events (ie: Allegan Early Childhood Carnival, etc)
    • Sold on Ebay (for books that are expensive we sell them on Ebay)
    • Sent to Better World Books.  Better World Books is a company that provides the boxes and pays shipping on books we send them. They will either try to sell the books, donate them to organizations around the US, or shred them and use them for insulation on houses.
  • We have applied for a 501(c)3 charitable organization designation from the IRS but until then donations are deductible on your federal but NOT state taxes.