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Dorr Township Library

Library Policy on Volunteering

If you are wondering what the library's policy on volunteering here is, please click here.

(From 2014 Policy Manual)

  1. Volunteer Policy
  • The Dorr Township Library welcomes members of the community serving as volunteers. The services volunteers perform are valued and valuable. Volunteer activities are governed by the following guidelines:
    • A volunteer represents the Library to the community while actively serving as a volunteer.
    • A volunteer is expected to follow approved policies and procedures of the Library during the time of volunteering within the Library building and at library events elsewhere.
    • The Library may decide to discontinue or change a volunteer’s service assignment if it is determined that the assignment is no longer beneficial.
    • The Library cannot guarantee any specific amount of hours for individual volunteers.
    • Preference for most volunteer activities is given to local students who must fulfill school requirements.
    • The Library will not accept any court-ordered volunteers who have committed crimes involving theft, assault, or danger to children or other felonies.
  • The Dorr Township Library welcomes volunteers, but will not provide any compensation besides a letter of acknowledgement of service. Volunteers will be asked to check in before beginning work so that hours can be accurately logged.